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The Best Tools for Computer Optimization

The Best Tools for Computer Optimization
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It’s something that’s happened to all of us. Your favorite computer starts to bog down. It begins to run slower than it used to. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to get it back up to speed. Programs crash for no reason, movies keep buffering, and tools take an eternity to load.

The longer you use it, the more difficult your PC is to use until you can hardly use it at all. It gets to the point where you’re ready to throw the darn thing through the window. But before you start tossing your computer, you might give optimizing it a try.

Of course, another option is to run out and buy a new one, but it will only be a matter of time before you start running into the same problems. That’s why finding the right tools for computer optimization is so important. Using an optimizer can be a great way to recover the speed you’re used to getting with your PC.

These tools streamline, clean, and optimize key parts of your operating system to get your computer performing the way you need it to. But before we get into the best computer optimization tools on the market, let’s take a look at what a computer optimizer is and how it works.

What is a Computer Optimizer?

As its name suggests, a computer optimizer is a tool that is used to improve how your computer performs. An optimizer works to improve various areas of your computer. This includes features like defragmenters, disk cleaners, automated optimizers, and registry cleaners. These all work together to identify unneeded files and settings, then eliminate them.

Most computer optimizers are automated, so you don’t have to mess around with locating and deleting files from multiple locations on your computer. Plus, it won’t delete any necessary files, which is something a user might do inadvertently. 

How Does it Work?

The intention of a computer optimizer is to increase the performance of your device without putting your computer at risk. Using your computer every day results in cluttered files, unkempt registries, and the leftovers of unwanted programs. These simply fill up space on your hard drive and oftentimes become redundant. 

Even though many of these files don’t actually harm your operating system, they typically cause your computer to slow down. With a good computer optimization tool, you can quickly and easily get rid of these types of files. Plus, most will perform other tasks that will help your computer run smoother and faster.

We’ll get into what features you should expect from computer optimization tools in a bit. For now, here are some high-level examples of what solid optimization software is capable of.

  • Registry cleaning
  • Removes old and junk files
  • Fixes errors that occur on your system
  • Removes malware
  • Controls programs that launch at startup
  • Detects when hardware needs replacing

However, something to keep in mind is that each computer optimizer includes its own sets of features. Some include the ones we listed above while others may have a more in-depth offering. Computer optimization tools are very useful, but you want to be sure you’re getting what you need.

But before we get too much into what to look for in a computer optimizer, let’s take a look at why you should use a computer optimizer.

Why Should You Use a Computer Optimizer?

While the most common reason to use a computer optimizer is to get your computer to run more efficiently, there are a host of other reasons to consider this tool before getting a new computer.

It’s more affordable

Unless you really want to spend the money on a new computer, using a computer optimizer is a better investment. A decent laptop is going to run you between $500 and $1000 and building your own requires knowledge of the inner workings of your computer. Why spend money on a new computer until you’ve tried optimizing the speed of the one you already have?

But what about just upgrading the troublesome parts? Sure, you could go that route, but the cost of batteries, RAM, hard drives, graphics cards, and processors can quickly add up. At some point, you’ll be spending enough to simply justify buying a new computer.

There are also additional costs that usually come with purchasing a new computer. If you want a warranty, you’ll have to shell out money for that. What about a fancy new subscription bundle? You’ll have to pay up. Depending on the computer you get, the costs can quickly add up.

By comparison, many computer optimizers are either free or don’t cost a lot to purchase. That means being able to troubleshoot issues with your current computer won’t cost near as much as it would if you went out and bought a new one. So ask yourself, would you rather pay a premium for a new computer, or next to nothing for an optimization tool?

New computers take time to set up

So you decide that you’d rather have a new computer than mess with the old one. Even if you ignore the cost difference, you still have to take the time to set up your new hardware. Nevermind the time it takes to set up the operating system. There’s much more to setting up your new computer.

For starters, you have to load the programs you use the most. That means going online, waiting for them to download, and then installing them. Plus, you’ll have to set up your profiles, usernames, and passwords for all those sites as well. Sure, you’ll probably enjoy your fancy new computer, but getting it set up is going to be a pain.

Consider how much time and effort it takes to set up your computer when you have to reload all your programs and settings. Now, think about how little effort it’s going to take to install and run a computer optimizer. The differences are significant. With an optimizer, all you need to do is run the program. It only takes a few minutes. What’s not to like?

Arguably the best thing about a computer optimizer is that you don’t have to mess with starting from scratch. You can use the device you already have, which is more than likely just the way you like it. 

Optimizing is faster

I briefly touched on the fact that with a new computer, you’ll have to start all over. With an optimizer, you just download it, run it, and you’re ready to go. Most computer optimization tools don’t even need you to be involved once it’s running. Setting up a new computer requires your utmost attention. Set up is time-consuming and takes much longer than running an optimization tool does.

But there’s more to getting a new computer than just setting it up. First, you’ll have to decide what specs and features you want. Then, once you’ve made that decision, you’ll need to choose a brand and a model. Then, you’ll spend time shopping around for a good price. Of course, when you finally do settle on the one you want, you may have to wait for delivery. 

Comparatively, using an optimizer takes much less time. The optimization process from beginning to end is much more succinct. By the time you can get in your car and drive to the store for a new computer, you could download, install, and run your computer optimization tool.

Is the hardware really the problem?

Another question to consider is whether or not the problem you’re having with your computer is only related to the hardware. How frustrated would you be if you bought a brand new computer only to discover that it’s experiencing the same problems just a few months later? If that’s the case, what was the point of purchasing a new device?

Sadly, this is often the reality for those who decide all the problems with their current computer will be instantly fixed with a new one. The possibility exists that there’s nothing wrong with the old computer. The problem may be a software program or a setting that can be easily changed to make your computer run much faster.

Your computer can run slow due to a variety of reasons. These could include registry files that become corrupt, full caches, disk fragmentation, along with a variety of other daily habits. These types of habits can cause the slowness of your current computer, something a new computer isn’t going to fix. Instead, consider giving a computer optimizer a try.

Optimizers are designed specifically to handle problems that occur on computers and the resulting slowness. A computer optimizer will alleviate slowness on your device by fixing problems with your registry, defragmenting your hard drive, and clearing out the cache.

Computer optimizers continue working

If you find that most of the slowness that occurs with your computer are attributes of use over time, wouldn’t it be sensible to use a solution that continues to work for you during the long haul? A new fancy computer is only going to stay new for so long. Then, the next generation comes out and your system is suddenly one of the “older” models.

Think of buying a new computer like buying a new car. As soon as you drive the thing off the lot it begins to depreciate. Its value is no longer what it was when you bought it. A computer optimizer, however, aims to keep your computer running in top form for years. To stick with the car analogy, it’s the equivalent of making sure your car has regular maintenance and oil changes.

All of this begs the question, why buy a brand new computer when you can take care of it with a tool like a computer optimizer? You’ll keep it performing at peak capacity so long as you run your optimizer on a regular basis. 

Sure, over the long run you’re going to wind up with an older computer. But you can rest easy knowing that it will still be fast enough to handle everything you need to do on a daily basis.

Support that’s built right in

What do you do if you bring your computer home and run into a problem during set up? You can call customer support, but chances are that you’ll have to pay to speak to someone who can really help you. Or you’ll have to find a local computer expert that is willing to help, but again you’re going to have to shell out to get help.

The reality is that with a computer optimization program, you’ll get the support you need when you need it. That’s because the software builds its support right into its software. If you run into issues, all you have to do is call their support team to get help. Chances are good you’ll connect quickly with a support representative who is knowledgeable about your computer optimization software and can help you solve your problem.

What to Look For in a Computer Optimizer?

There are plenty of features you should consider as you look for a computer optimizer. You don’t want to just do a Google search and pick the first one you find. Take your time, determine what you need, and go from there.

Blocks questionable websites

The reality is that most users nowadays spend the majority of the time on their computers connected to the internet. That’s why it’s important that you find a computer optimizer that not only addresses local concerns but browser issues as well.

There are times when you’re online looking for something specific and you click on a link and wind up on a site that looks a little shady. Even though you weren’t looking for a virus or malware, it found you. With a solid computer optimizer, websites that download harmful software onto your computer are blocked.

Can uninstall software

While operating systems allow users to uninstall software, the way to do so can be convoluted and confusing. Even if it’s not, leftover files often remain after the OS is done uninstalling a program. These types of files build up over time and begin to bog down your machine and take up room on your hard drive.

With a computer optimizer, you can completely and thoroughly get rid of any program you’re not using, along with all its files. That way, you’re not searching through old program folders or guessing whether or not deleting them will do harm to your computer. A computer optimizer will take care of it for you.

Task Manager

Another great feature that the computer optimizers offer is a task manager. Of course, this is something that you can use with your current operating system, but wouldn’t it be nice if it were quickly and easily accessible? Most computer optimizers have built-in task managers so you don’t have to go hunting for the one your operating system uses.

Many optimizers use the Task Manager to control memory usage within the computer itself. This means that your computer optimizer is freeing up unused memory and RAM and allocating it where it’s really needed. As a result, you’re going to get the perfect balance of memory usage and performance whenever you use your computer.

CPU usage tracker

A critical way a computer optimization tool works are through optimizing your CPU and its usage. This is done by changing the priorities of all programs, whether you are actively using them or they are running in the background. 

For example, if you have a program that is using a lot of RAM, but isn’t high on the priority list, your computer optimizer will automatically lower the amount of memory it uses. That way, your computer doesn’t get bogged down by the software that you don’t use on a regular basis.

Regular cleanings

Think of this feature as you would your own home. If you don’t clean it regularly, it begins to fill up with junk and trash and debris. If you don’t clean it often enough, you could run into serious problems that will cost much more to fix than if you had taken a few moments to pick things up.

That’s the idea behind a computer optimizer. It automatically runs and cleans up any unnecessary files or folders hidden in the crevices of your computer. As a result, your device will run much smoother and faster.

Increased PC speed

Many, if not all of these features aid in making your computer run faster. While that’s not the key driver behind computer optimizers, it is a great byproduct. Who doesn’t want a computer that runs as faster or faster than it did when it was brand new? With the help of computer optimization tools, you’ll quickly notice an increased performance in your device.

Registry cleanup

There are some areas of your computer that you shouldn’t mess with if you’re not 100% sure what you’re doing. The Registry is one such area. Changing something in the Registry can cause problems with your computer you may not know how to deal with, so it’s usually a good idea not to mess with it.

Fortunately, computer optimization tools will clean your Registry for you. That means you’re not digging around or attempting to change or delete a setting that you’re not familiar with. When it comes to your Registry, it’s probably best to leat an optimization tool to take care of it.

Cleans cache memory

Cache memory is files that use up a small part of your system RAM. This is done so that the tasks you perform often are quickly and easily accessible. However, cache memory is not deleted, so over time these files build up and begin to slow your system down.

A system that cleans your cache memory will erase these types of files without touching the history or login data that you regularly use when browsing online.

Browser and online history cleaning

Speaking of browsing, you can also set your computer optimization tool to clean up if you want to clean up your online or cached history. You should probably do his regularly if you spend a lot of time online, as it can quickly pile up into a mountain of files, images, and other information.

Don’t worry. If you don’t want to erase your username and password information, you can tell your optimizer to leave those alone and get rid of everything else. That way the buildup of cache and browsing history are gone, but you still have the information you need to access the sites you visit regularly.


How do I pick the best computer optimizer?

This is a tough question because computers are different. And even if you have the exact same brand and model as someone else, you’re not using it the same way. First and foremost, you need to understand what your system needs. Find a computer optimization tool that offers the features we talked about above. 
Doing so means you’re getting plenty of functionality that will help keep your computer running at optimal performance.

Do these computer optimization tools really work?

The answer here lies entirely in the type of computer you’re using and the type of computer optimization tool you select. Purchasing the first tool that comes up on a Google search may not be ideal if it doesn’t align with what your computer needs. 
Do a little research and find a tried and true computer optimization tool. One that is legitimate and will provide support if you run into issues. These types of optimization tools are sure to get your computer running better in no time.

Which is the best tool for computer optimization?

This is going to rely heavily on the type of system you have and what types of issues are causing your computer to run poorly. The best one is going to be the one that elevates the performance of your device. There are many from which you can choose, so take your time, determine exactly what you need, and go from there.

Can I optimize my own computer’s performance?

Of course, you can, although we would recommend you go with a computer optimization tool. Especially if you’re not entirely comfortable or familiar with the inner workings of your computer’s operating system. Manual optimization can be risky, but if you believe it’s the better route, you can try a few of the following tips.
First, remove any junk files you have from your computer. These are probably files that have been on your device for the better part of the last three or four years. Next, you should ensure that all drivers are up to date. Software on your computer may not be running optimally if it’s three or four iterations behind.
Last, go through your programs and get rid of anything you don’t use anymore. These are just taking up space that your computer can use to perform better. You can also make some changes or adjustments to your registry, but if you aren’t entirely sure what you’re doing, you could cause damage to your system.

Wrapping Up

Computer optimization tools aren’t for everyone. If you’re the type of person who likes to tinker around on their device and see what happens when you change a 0 to a 1, then you probably know how to make your computer run better and faster.

If that’s not you though, and I imagine there are quite a few of you out there, use a computer optimization tool. They take the guesswork out of getting your computer running the way it should be running. It will handle all the updating, cleaning, deleting, and automating that you don’t want to mess with.

These tools are a great option if you’re the type of person who just wants their computer to run the way it’s supposed to. Download it, install it, and let it run. It’s really that simple. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find the best tool for computer optimization for you.

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