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DigitalGuyde was founded by one geeky dude, tired of explaining to family “friends” over and over how to troubleshoot their digital life.

DG is dedicated to bring you the most in depth, high quality, computer security reviews, comparisons, and product tests available.

Since founding, DigitalGuyde has also expanded to cover wider privacy concerns, with coverage of VPNs and analyzing the security of other digital tools such as cloud storage solutions, data backup and recovery guides, kickass routers, and more.

Founded and operated by Conner Sinclair, DigitalGuyde is his selfish geeky outlet. Frustrated with the lack of credible – down to earth – recommendations out there, Conner decided to take matters into his own hands. In between his day job and other geeky pursuits, Conner bides his time testing the latest security software to their limits.

Please feel free to use the Contact Us page if you have any questions about products you would like reviewed.

Our Tech Mission


So many people I talk to are frustrated by technology, even supposedly “young” and “hip” youngsters. In an age when digital privacy, security and agency are becoming MORE under threat, I feel the need to spread the gospel about tech literacy. A VPN doesn’t have to complicated, and finding the right antivirus isn’t something that should take up your entire day.