How to Delete Cached Search History in Google

Where would we all be without Google? Since the Internet became mainstream and available to the average Joe, web surfers have depended on search engines to help them locate the content they seek. In the Internet’s infancy, Yahoo ruled the kingdom, but, was then overthrown by Google. It’s strange to think that there are entire… Read More »

Hitman Pro vs Malwarebytes: Which is Better?

If you’re like most people, you’ve experienced the throes of contracting a virus on your computer. The instant you realize that you caught the latest bug, virus, malware, ransomware, or other variety, you probably went into panic mode and felt a fearsome rush of adrenaline. That feeling is awful because you start to wonder whether… Read More »

How to Bypass School Firewalls Safely

I fondly remember my days in high school, trying to find ways to beat the system instead of reading and writing my next book report in the library. It was 2005, Windows XP was all the rage, and I was fortunate enough to have learned how to employ a fair bit of rudimentary networking concepts… Read More »

The Best VPNs for Qatar

Qatar, sandwiched between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, is experiencing rapid growth and prosperity. In fact, the country has the highest income in the world per capita, yet the nation doesn’t seem to share western ideologies when it comes to the freedom of information and an open Internet infrastructure. It is extremely common… Read More »

What to Do If Your VPN or IP Address Gets Blocked

Network devices, web administrators and antivirus applications make a regular habit of blocking IP addresses. Whether your domain name, true public IP address, or VPN/proxy address has been blocked (regardless of the service you’re trying to access), you may not have known that there are some workarounds. The age old solution was to employ a… Read More »

The Best VPNs for Firestick You Need to Know Today

Amazon is an international mega-corporation that competes in so many industries and markets that it boggles the mind. In fact, Amazon is so massive that it makes 12 figure revenues each year, which is well over a hundred billion dollars. Naturally, starting primarily as an ecommerce site, it only makes sense that Amazon would expand… Read More »

The Ultimate NBA League Pass Workaround

Sports fans around the world have, at some point run into the unfortunate implementation of blackouts. Simply put, they are a pain in the neck and may prevent you from keeping up with the latest league happenings or the outcome of your favorite team’s match. Blackouts have left many avid sports followers wondering why they… Read More »

The Best VPNs for Korea

The Korean peninsula was infamously divided by war, but South Korea has taken leaps and bounds as it continues towards and age of growth and prosperity. In fact, South Korea is famously an electronics and telecommunications hub with an astounding Internet penetration rating. And according to the World Bank, South Korea has a rather high… Read More »

The Best Productivity Apps and Tools of 2018

There’s an old adage that says “time is money,” but I don’t think that money is the equivalent of time. As human beings, our lifespans are finite. This is why we need to make such efficient use of our time to maximize productivity. After all, there are only so many hours in a day, and… Read More »