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How to Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground Apps

How to Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground Apps

Central Processing Units (CPUs) are a miracle of modern science that allow human beings to offload staggeringly massive calculations onto computer systems. Many techs cast the CPU as the “brain” of the computer system or mobile device. This since the whole system is dependent on the processor.

It is truly amazing how far technology has come and how fast CPUs can run calculations. But if modern processors have become so advanced and lightning fast, why are some computer systems slow?

I’m sure everyone has wanted to bang their head against the wall as a slow desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device slows to a grinding halt, making even the simplest applications move slower than molasses.

There are a lot of reasons your computer is running slow, and they may not have to do with processor utilization.

So first, let’s take a moment to see how to check if your processor is overburdened.

How to Check CPU Utilization

The steps that are essential for checking CPU utilization are different on every platform. However, there’s a way to check real-time usage on every modern platform. I assume the majority of readers are using Windows. Thus we’ll start with Windows and only then move on to Mac and mobile systems.

The following outlines how to check real-time CPU utilization on Windows:

  1. Press the ctrl + alt + delete key sequence at the same time.
  2. Find the Task Manager option on the menu that appeared.
  3. Click on the “Performance” tab once the Task Manager pane opens.

From here, you’ll be able to see real-time data for not only the CPU but for memory and HDD usage as well.

The following steps to view current CPU utilization via the Activity Monitor on a Mac system:

  1. Open Finder
  2. Browse through to the Applications folder
  3. Browse through to the utility folder
  4. Click on Activity Monitor
  5. Select the CPU tab if not already selected

The CPU tab will show you what amount of CPU resources is devoted to each individual process. However, viewing current CPU activity on an Android device is a little different. Use the following steps to view the current CPU utilization on an Android device:

  1. Open the Play Store
  2. Search for a system monitor
  3. Download and install the app (they are usually free)

You may feel overwhelmed with the choice of free Android system monitors, though I would recommend CCleaner, CPU-Z, TinyCore, and System Monitor. If, after checking the real-time usage statistics, you notice that your CPU is hardly being utilized at all, there is likely a different reason that your computer or mobile device is running slowly.

For example, if you notice that one of the cores on your quad-core CPU had a usage spike that peaked at 50% utilization, adjusting the CPU settings may only produce modest results. However, if you have a slow or overtaxed processor, setting the CPU priority to prefer foreground apps can make a significantly noticeable difference. 

Other Causes of a Slow Computer System


As I mentioned before, if you notice your CPU is far from over-utilized, you may want to try searching for other causes of poor system performance. So naturally, the very first thing you want to do is check your system monitor and CPU utilization during a time when your computer is running characteristically slowly. A few causes of slowly running apps and systems include the following:

  • Insufficient resources (CPU, memory, HDD space, etc.)
  • Old and outdated hardware
  • A “dirty” operating system that needs to be cleaned with a tool like Ccleaner
  • Too many apps trying to launch on startup
  • Numerous invalid registry entries in a Windows environment
  • Viruses or malware bogging down your system
  • Slow Internet connections
  • Too many apps running at once

There are, of course, about a million other reasons a single computer or device is running slower than a snail. If another cause is to blame, you may not see much improvement in system performance by adjusting the CPU settings to focus on foreground applications. Nevertheless, if you’re adamant that your CPU is to blame, use the following methods.

Affecting CPU Priority on Android

Unfortunately, there’s no direct equivalent on Android of the Windows setting that allows users to give priority to apps in the foreground. It seems that the Android operating system itself does already give processing priority to foreground apps over background apps, but there’s not really anything you can do to fine-tune processes without additional tools.

There is a tool called SetCPU, but it has several strings attached. First of all, it only works with rooted Android devices. And secondly, it isn’t nearly as general a setting as the Windows configuration. SetCPU will allow you to set CPU thresholds, minimum and maximum, regarding how much processing power is devoted to certain processes.

In fact, it can act like a governor, and make sure your CPU doesn’t expend too many cycles on a given process, which can be used to save battery life too.

You may also want to check out JuiceDefender too, though note that this tool wasn’t specifically designed for tinkering around with your CPU.

Instead, it has ways to set maximum use thresholds for processes by limiting CPU usage. These are the two best options for controlling CPU utilization in Android, so let’s move on the two Windows methods.

Windows 10 Method 1:

The first method of configuring the CPU priority in Windows uses the graphical interface (GUI), so it’s the most fitting for users who don’t have much technical knowledge of the operating system. In order to make the change, you simply need to make one small configuration via Control Panel.

In my opinion, the hardest part of the configuration is finding the right setting, which we buried underneath a myriad of configuration options and a maze of links.

Use the following guide to find the correct setting and give priority to foreground applications:

  1. Sign into your Windows 10 computer with an account that has administrative privileges.
  2. Open the Control panel in whatever way is easiest for you, such as browsing to it from the Start menu or by accessing it via the ctrl + alt + delete or the Windows key + “x” menus.
  3. Click on the System and Security heading, which is the very first item in the top left of the Control Panel screen, just under the text that says “Adjust your computer’s settings.”
  4. Next, simply click on the green System heading, which immediately follows the Windows Firewall options.
  5. On the following page, locate the “Advanced system settings” link on the left-hand side of the pane. Unless you have disabled it, UAC (User Account Control) will likely ask if you to confirm that you do indeed want to open the Advanced system settings tab.
  6. A new pane will pop up. Click on the “Advanced” tab, and then click on the first button “Settings” in the Performance section.
  7. The next box that pops up will have the label “Performance Options.” Click on the Advanced tab.
  8. The first box of the Advanced Tab has the label“Processor scheduling.” Make sure that the radio button next to “Programs” is selected, and make sure that this setting is not set to “Background services.”
  9. Click Apply.
  10. Click OK.

If you were unable to make changes as described in the preceding steps, I’m going to show you a second way to make the same changes. There’s been more than a few times when I’ve run into really weird Windows problems that prevent me from making system changes or prevent me from accessing the Control Panel.

If that’s the case, then I recommend using the second method, which follows next. However, I would recommend that you only follow the second method if you are somewhat proficient with the Windows operating system, and computers in general.

Windows 10 Method 2:

The next method requires editing the registry, which can be a little intimidating if you don’t know what you’re doing. Since you could mess up application settings and configurations for system-wide parameters should you edit the wrong value, please proceed with caution. In fact, I always recommend first backing up your registry just in case, so you have a great fall back point in your back pocket.

Use the following steps to change CPU priority via the registry:

  1. Open the Registry Editor. This can be done by either searching for Regedit.exe or running “regedit” from the search/command bar.
  2. Browse through the hives and keys to the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE => System => CurrentControlSet => Control => Priority Control.
  3. Here you should find a registry setting labeled “Win32PrioritySeparation.”
  4. To give preference and priority to applications running in the foreground, simply change this value to “26”.

Both Windows configuration methods can be completed in under a minute. But now that the change has been made, how do you know it worked?

Answering the Question: Did It Work?

After making such a change, you’re probably antsy to do two things. Firstly, you probably want to test out your new configuration. Secondly, you probably want to be able to measure how much improvement there is in the speed of your computer.

Apart from using a stopwatch to time how long different operations take before and after the changes were implemented, there are really two good options for measuring performance.

First and foremost, you can check current CPU utilization as we did before the changes were implemented. Secondly, there are memory/CPU tests and benchmarking applications that can measure CPU performance. However, if you can’t notice a significant difference after making the changes, chances are there’s another root cause other than a slow CPU.

If that’s your case, then I’d revisit the section that describes what causes a slow computer and start troubleshooting.

Final Thoughts

Most people don’t have any idea how many background processes are hogging precious system resources and slowing down computers and mobile devices. The good news is that you can easily tell your processor to focus on the applications in the foreground by using this easy guide.


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this Christianity component, it's not indeed that homophobic compared to a lot added communities when i bought it, never forget historical Judaism sources homosexuality quite simply weird (fantastic Semetic ethnicities in the region turned out to be extra safe and effective involving common sexual intimacy internet dating) nevertheless,having said that Christianity is becoming really zero having sex most times.

in point of fact with historical jewish homophobia, One of the strong but subtle elements the particular testament to Leviticus accumulate, is the fact that jewish exclusive is extremely afraid of sacrificing those community in order to really near by societies, your Greeks. judaism effectiveness against Hellenization had to be very good, And was a main take into account the coming of Christianity additionally the eventual Second Diaspora.

So this leads to a certain model awkwardness the place western just about all similar to"greece is the basis related to developed civilization, looks how cool greece happens to be" simply is always seeking to become"oh yeah and even gay and lesbian information, We do not like that, So you will have this important creepy double believe exactly people looking to claim the legacy using the ancient greece however are awkwardly spinning a impaired eye that the Greeks acquired in actual fact toward even having sex love affairs. i mean the PUA circle combined with Roosh V have the full"Neomasculinity" activity about the greatness of longstanding a holiday in greece exceptyeah without. properly which includes how 300 is indeed homoerotic but rather aren't going to the fact is fix gay each had been Spartans, Xerxes would not be effeminate internet promotion gay and lesbian in their ancient greek language vision, he would be effiminate for being instantly. fantastic our"Ugg effeminate men" Tropes to some extent because of Greekstalking in relation to fixed anyone.

(Heracles am seen as an customer jesus to homosexuality)

by the way, do not fully realize what the Greeks dreamed of Lesbian/Bisexual romantic relationships, exactly how relatively few number of financial records offering 're bundled. they often are actually essentially aggressive that can woman sex even so we undesirable Sappho from Lebos, But almost all files in and around that were got rid of.

some tips i do track down important is in which hyper masculine warrior ethnic heritage for lots of man will always love is that Feudal the japanese may virtually identical matter, evidently it is a hyper macho enthusiast occurrence.

(I attemptedto find length accurate overview of gay samurai the relationship but they are all awesome visual)

in addition,as well as remember until Alexander, any Greeks have already been totally like one, And we terribly lack comparable version public records out of all the greek pronounces, So this may not sign up with all Hellenes uniformly, you will might be diverse being a result of timeframe, your dog's all the time a chunk difficult to tell utilizing wort pertaining to thingHey girl,

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information technology turns out to be reliable to make usage of Single to remain (SSO) to improve sign ups and / or affiliates effort for virtually every online dating sites web-site. Twitter/Gmail/Facebook lift control keys for SSO are actually definitely been incorporated into core ready made going out tools. individuals lawsuit a escort website page. practise authenticates the individual for all your employment applications they have been given rights to be able to as well as kills a lot more requires at the time they shift an during class.

in this way users perhaps save at your relationships portal together with facebook or twitter password stats. nearly always online searchers, who have subscribe to paid dating sites, are likewise parts of numerous social channels. sixty which tend to form unique individuality on adult dating sites then social internet sites. most often, a good individual most likely thoughts sharing his/her social networking information with a niche relationship spot for an registration. website employing only a Single to remain service with regard to enrollment may be negative. guys and women equally gained work with. which will the reason why just make sure you have an option to opt using SSO and to subscribe by- entering registration deposits itself and a seeing each other service.

our team noticed that most of popular internet dating area contractors offer excessive and it shouldn't be a major problem available for you if you commence one's own which also has a asiame scam completed script.

timber is going to conisder that SSO now has saved tons of energy. maybe or maybe not. It again and again a burglar element.

So if you decide to use SSO for the going online business, try your best to learn about regarding fast tips:

only use 1 SSO service. do not invest hub pages get together, facebook and consequently Gmail keys as partners. perhaps it will jepardize when an individual stomach back and would try to use SSO form to visit (actually sign-up). once you being used flickr bond control key to register end time and now is applying Gmail membership to, your alarm could craft 2 diverse pages to dilemma for part.

option option: cause SSO and on site subscription. make customers establish.

if you're going to use Single to remain ideal, if you will allow player know that you are not moving or perhaps hard drive to make your prized relationship spot obviously so santa would really like it to be displaced. to accomplish, really should use SSO switch, as well as fire wood the individual when it comes to and present to your boyfriend a website with the you might have just became within that collection with an alternative to edit/delete. essential aspect conditions email addresses, Nicknames, and private document and information taking pictures.

if you will want use SSO, Then you might begin using it's social revealing investment funds. quiz an peoples if may be invite their specific acquaintances back to internet dating company, scan representative pastimes coupled with likes to enable you to necessarily mean well suited people young and old exactly at your web site. and then suggest your internet-site free and also boost significant targeting formulas inside permitted your potential customers find out about other issues clearly. contour a community and then discover more about it.

page marketing campaigns as well as ad banners, different vouchers in addition to very important treats only for online business patrons. visit good sized many men who use SSO which include Zoosk, and those who wear similar OkCupid. opt by yourself. regardless the one you select has to work well with your strategic business plan.

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