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Zinstall vs PCMover: Which Is The Better? Full Comparison

Windows is undoubtedly the most prevalent and infamous desktop operating system and anyone who has used it has run into technical Windows issues from time to time. After all, who hasn’t seen the iconic Blue Screen of Death displayed when Windows crashes or dealt with the stress-inducing complications of upgrades gone wrong. Today we’re going… Read More »

Zinstall Migration Kit Pro Review: Is This Software Worth It?

Zinstall is a software development firm based in Hawthorne, California. It offers a wide range of software utilities including WinWin, Zinstall Backup, Windows 10 Upgrade Companion, Computer Rescue Kit, Server Migration tools, and other similar products. Today, however, we’re going to take a look at Zinstall Migration Kit Pro to see if it’s worth its… Read More »

Clonezilla vs Acronis Compared: Which Is The Right For You

Always, always, always back up your data! It can’t be said enough, or with too much intensity. People who don’t back up their data risk immense challenges in their life, and trying to get data off a compromised system is, in many cases, either extremely expensive or downright impossible. It is infinitely easier to simply… Read More »

The Ultimate FonePaw Review: Does it Work?

Hard drive recovery software can be a real lifesaver, and over the years it has become more and more sophisticated. Believe it or not, HDD recovery software has become so advanced that even cheap tools can read data off of your hard drive, even after it has been deleted unless you use a special tool… Read More »

The FixMeStick Review: Does it Really Work?

isn’t your average run-of-the-mill antivirus removal tool. It has some amazing features that allow it to remove viruses and malware that some ordinary, albeit useful, antivirus applications cannot. But what are its features? Does it work? And does its efficacy justify its price tag? Today I’m going to pick apart the advantages, features, and pricing… Read More »

CCleaner vs. CleanMaster PC: Which is Better?

There are two computer issues that really get my blood boiling: a crashed Internet connection and a slow bogged down system. I can’t stand it when it takes 30 seconds or more for an application to launch, and it really irritates me when it takes more than a minute or two for my computer to… Read More »

The Connectify Review: Is It Worth It?

Our modern society is addicted to the Internet – there are no two ways about it. Our lives are dependent on the Internet more today than ever before. Between smartphones, desktops, laptops, and other mobile devices, it seems that we interact with the Internet in some way every hour of every day. That is unless… Read More »

How to Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground Apps

(CPUs) are a miracle of modern science that allow human beings to offload staggeringly massive calculations onto computer systems. Many techs cast the CPU as the “brain” of the computer system or mobile device. This since the whole system is dependent on the processor. It is truly amazing how far technology has come and how… Read More »

Ublock Origin vs Adblock: Which is Best?

Ad blockers are a quintessential part of everyone’s online privacy, but sadly enough, some people forgot ad blockers completely. I think that ad blockers are a digital staple, and should always be in conjunction with other primary privacy and anonymity tools. This along with a complete antivirus package and a VPN. But most people don’t… Read More »