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The Expert LogMeIn Rescue Review: Will This Work for You?

The Expert LogMeIn Rescue Review: Will This Work for You?

By now, I’d hazard a guess that remote access technologies aren’t anything new to you. Most people are already familiar with tools like TeamViewer and LogMeIn. But LogMeIn has a whole suite of services that surpass raw remote access.

One of their premium tools is LogMeInRescue, which is essentially remote support access. I know what you’re thinking. Most digital services already come with technical support, so why on Earth would I want to pay for premium technical support?

The answer is much more than convenience, though. That said, given their pricing model, I really don’t think that they are targeting home users. Instead, I see this service as a tool to help small and medium-sized businesses and field agents who don’t have in-house tech support.

Contrary to what you may think since LogMeIn is in the tech space, their Rescue service isn’t purely geared towards IT services like VPNs and troubleshooting computer issues. As they say on their website, they are prepared to help solve problems including everything, “…from a broken dishwasher to malfunctioning industrial machinery, and everything in between!”


LogMeIn Rescue doesn’t have convoluted or contrived pricing structure like some of the more annoying online digital services. Be that as it may, I do wish they had more granular payment options, and the ability to discount rates for longer-term subscriptions. Basically, there are only three plans, as follows:

With that kind of a pricing model, a business would really need to use the service regularly to get value out of their subscription. So if you only need limited support once or twice every few months, this probably isn’t for you. In addition, I should mention that they do offer a free trial that lasts for fourteen days.


One of the first features that I was a little unsure about, as listed on their website, was “speed.” Obviously, the speed of a remote access connection is going to be dependent on your Internet connection, how busy their techs are, and other similar factors. However, LogMeIn Rescue does claim that a technician can connect to any device in seconds.

I also liked how they have an SLA (Service Level Agreement) that guarantees 99.99+% uptime. This should be a gold standard for all digital services, but there are a few who don’t explicitly guarantee these terms, so kudos to LogMeIn.

And as far as security is concerned, their software uses TLS 1.1 for transport layer security, and employ AES-256 encryption. Given that AES still can’t be hacked or cracked, there’s no reason to worry about a hacker peeking in on a tech support call by intercepting traffic.

I did find it humorous that they claimed a tech can connect to any device in seconds, but they don’t support every OS platform. That said, they cover their bases well by supporting multiple platforms like Mac OSX, Windows, iOS, Android, and “more.” What “more” means is yet again a little vague, but maybe I’m being a little too picky. The bottom line is that they cover all the major operating systems.

The features vary depending on which subscription you choose. Also, they have so many darn features that it can be a bit daunting. Use the following chart to compare their various remote support features:

Feature Rescue Lens  Rescue Rescue Plus Mobile
Connect in 20 seconds Yes Yes Yes
Multi-session handling Yes Yes Yes
Instant chat Yes Yes Yes
Rescue desktop app Yes Yes Yes
Easy-to-use customer app Yes Yes Yes
Web-based technical console (IE only) Yes Yes Yes
Audio/VoIP in video support Yes Yes Yes
Communication tools Yes Yes Yes
Integrated content portal Yes Yes Yes
Support session history Yes Yes Yes
Drag and drop file transfer No Yes Yes
Reboot and reconnect of PCs and Macs No Yes Yes
Remote diagnostics No Yes Yes
Support for low-bandwidth connections No Yes Yes
Unattended Mac and PC access No Yes Yes
Multi-platform remote control No Yes Yes
Advanced connection notice No Yes Yes
Calling Card No Yes Yes
Connect on LAN No Yes Yes
Multi-monitor support No Yes Yes
Technician screen sharing No Yes Yes

Next, use the following to compare each plan’s mobile features:

Features Rescue Lens Rescue Rescue Plus Mobile
Mobile SDK Yes Yes Yes
Audio/VoIP in video support Yes Yes Yes
SMS connection methods No Yes Yes
Mobile device configuration No No Yes
Smartphone and tablet support No No Yes

Moving on, use the following chart to compare their customization and brand features:

Features Rescue Lens Rescue Rescue Plus Mobile
Customer surveys Yes Yes Yes
Helpdesk software integrations Yes Yes Yes
Customized instant chat No Yes Yes
Custom chat window No Yes Yes
Custom support channels No Yes Yes
Estimated waiting time No Yes Yes
Code web page integration No Yes Yes
Calling Card desktop icon No Yes Yes

I was a little curious to see that they have a lot of features in the “agent productivity” category. That’s not something I usually encounter, but it’s essentially the features that interface with the technical support staff on the back-end.

Features Rescue Lens Rescue Rescue Plus Mobile
Session transfer Yes Yes Yes
Drag and drop file transfer No Yes Yes
System info No Yes Yes
Scripting No Yes Yes
Internal technician collaboration No Yes Yes
External technician collaboration No Yes Yes

Next is one of the most important areas of any digital service, in my opinion. The following table outlines LogMeIn Rescue’s security features:

Feature Rescue Lens Rescue Rescue Plus Mobile
Auditing and logging reports Yes Yes Yes
Authentication and authorization controls Yes Yes Yes
Data confidentiality Yes Yes Yes
TLS 1.1 Yes Yes Yes
Secure cloud hosting Yes Yes Yes

If you thought that their long laundry list of features was over, think again. Finally, we come to the last category of their features, which is the integration/API’s/SDK’s features:

Features Rescue Lens Rescue Rescue Plus Mobile
Agiloft integration Yes Yes Yes
Autotask integration Yes Yes Yes
BoldChat integration Yes Yes Yes
ConnectWise integration Yes Yes Yes
Freshdesk integration Yes Yes Yes
Freshservice integration Yes Yes Yes
HappyFox integration Yes Yes Yes
Salesforce integration Yes Yes Yes
ServiceNow integration Yes Yes Yes
Zendesk integration Yes Yes Yes
Call center application API Yes Yes Yes
Login API Yes Yes Yes
Reporting API Yes Yes Yes
Mobile SDK Yes Yes Yes

Final Thoughts

I found the list of features to be a little overwhelming. Usually, digital services will condense or hide the more technical aspects and features of their products to appeal to end users. However, since LogMeIn Rescue is marketing their services towards businesses, they had to detail features such as the many API’s and integration modules that they are capable of handling.

Also, note that the Rescue Lens package is the most stripped-down and watered-down subscription plan. There weren’t really that many differences between the Rescue plan and the Rescue Plus Mobile plan. So unless you need mobile device configuration and smartphone/tablet support, I’m not sure that there’s too much more value in opting for the Rescue Plus Mobile plan.

All in all, I have to say that I was very impressed with this product. I’ve never seen a support service with so many stinkin’ features. Although my only problem is that they might be a little pricey for small businesses with fewer than 5 or 6 employees. At any rate, they certainly have all their bases covered.

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