The Best Black Friday/Cyber Monday VPN Deals Currently Available 2020

By Conner Sinclair | VPNs

There are always good VPN deals available, but you have to know where to look.

After reviewing many different services, I realized a resource page like this would be perfect for deal tracking. This page is updated as new deals hit the market.

I pay particular attention to Black Friday and Cyber Monday VPN deals. In my experience, this is when some of the best deals hit the market (but not always).

The Best Deals on VPNs Right Now

Best Black Friday VPN Deals

Black Friday has ended, but you can check out the awesome Cyber Monday VPN deals below. Check back next year for our Black Friday deals.

Best Cyber Monday VPN Deals – NOW Cyber Month Deals

  1. IPVanish: IPVanish is available for 50% off via this listing, make sure to use coupon code “SHOPSECURE” when checking out.
  2. PureVPN Deals: There are no monthly specials, but you can save 70% off of 2-year plans here. PureVPN has been around for years, making it one of the only companies that I’d trust on a multi-year plan like this.
  3. VypyrVPN: The third best Black Friday special (so far) is the VypyrVPN 40% off deal here. Off all the discounts, this is the best Black Friday VPN deal relative to normal pricing and discounts.



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