Rubrik vs Veeam: Which Backup Service is Better?

By Jodie Chiffey | Data Backup

Today, we’ll analyze Rubrik vs Veeam to determine which option will serve your company better.

We have compared Rubrik and Veeam with other backup products in our previous articles and delved into what sets them apart from the other products on the market.

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Both Rubrik and Veeam offer data backup, facilitate recovery after a disaster, analyze and manage data across the various infrastructure and keep your organization running smoothly.

We can’t stress enough the critical role data backup and recovery software has after a disaster. Imagine if you were to lose all your clients’ contacts and revenue information. You’d be faced with the option of either closing down or starting from scratch!

Let’s start by comparing what sets Rubrik and Veeam apart.

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Carbonite vs Google Drive: Which Offers Better Services?

By Alvin Dy | Data Backup

Services such as Carbonite and Google Drive make it easier for people to have a copy of their local files on the cloud. Google Drive is a leading name in file storage services, while Carbonite backs your files up on the cloud. Which one is perfect for you?

Main Differences Between Carbonite vs. Google Drive

Here are some of the differences between Carbonite vs. Google Drive

  • Carbonite offers a free trial, but it’s the cheapest paid plan that will set you back $6, whereas Google Drive is free for the first 15 gigabytes, and you can buy more storage at very cheap rates.
  • Carbonite helps you with regulatory compliance by encrypting your files while it’s being transmitted or stored, whereas Google Drive has some privacy issues.
  • Carbonite doesn’t have a set of features like edit, view or store different file types, whereas Google Drive allows you to do that

Choosing between Google Drive and Carbonite will be a breeze if you have a c

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Webroot vs Avast: Which is Right for Your Needs?

By Jodie Chiffey | Online Security

Unlike Webroot, Avast is one of the antiviruses I ever learned about and used way back in my college days. The free protection from malware was particularly appealing as I didn’t have the money to invest in a premium option. With numerous attacks on our infrastructure, investing in an antivirus like Avast is essential.

The internet is becoming more dangerous with each passing day, browsing without a “big brother” protection can spell doom to your business. You can easily fall prey to ransomware, phishing, identity theft, and all kinds of malware attacks.

Today we’ll be comparing Webroot vs Avast to help us choose a product that gives foolproof protection to our valuables. Ultimately, you want to choose a paid version of antivirus because of the added feature

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PC Decrapifier vs CCleaner: Which is Right for You?

By Alvin Dy | Optimize

To the average user, computers are tools that help them do their work. They just turn it on and do whatever they need to do, be it writing an article or working on their last quarter’s revenue on a spreadsheet. Until their computers slow down noticeably, what used to take a few seconds now requires a few minutes of waiting.

And this is when people look for system maintenance tools that can help restore their computer and let it work at its best.

It’s fortunate that we have a range of system maintenance tools out there that you can download. Some are free, while others require a subscription or outright purchase of the program. Two of the best are PC Decrapifier and CCleaner. What’s the difference between these two?

Main Differences between PC Decrapifier vs CCleaner

The Main Differences between PC Decrapifier vs CCleaner are:

  • PC Decrapifier is an excellent tool for removing unwanted programs from your computer, whereas, CCleaner has a range of tools, inc
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Another VPN Battle: NordVPN vs ExpressVPN

By Conner Sinclair | VPNs

Today we’re going to be comparing two VPN providers that are well known throughout the industry: ExpressVPN and NordVPN. Having used each provider on numerous occasions, I can tell you that both of these services exceed the average provider in quality and value. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re right for you – after […]

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