Bomgar Remote Support vs LogMeIn Rescue [2020] Which One Is Better?

By Alvin Dy | Remote Work

Remote support tools make it possible for your employees to get the technical support that they need whenever and wherever they need it. Assigned technicians will be able to log into the users’ devices then troubleshoot and assess the issue. Technicians are also able to use chat and other forms of communication to run them through all the steps they need to follow to fix the problem, including checking whether cables are connected correctly. With these remote support tools, technical troubles can be fixed without your employees leaving their house and without having technicians come over.

There are several remote support providers out there and two of the best known are Bomgar Remote Support and LogMeIn Rescue. These two services have been around for a long time, but which one is the better choice for you?

Main Differences Between Bomgar Remote Support vs LogMeIn Rescue

The main differences between Bomgar Remote Suppor

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The Best LogMeIn Alternatives to Consider

By Conner Sinclair | Remote Work

When the Internet first started becoming available to consumers in the late eighties and early nineties, no one ever thought they’d be able to remotely control servers and computer systems. But these days, we enjoy remote access technologies, virtualization, and cloud technologies on a daily basis. The future truly is now. But despite the wealth […]

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