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SpiderOak One Backup Review: Does it Work as Promised?

SpiderOak is a rather popular online backup and cloud storage provider. In fact, Edward Snowden commented that they are a much more secure alternative to other services like Dropbox. It should be noted that SpiderOak has several different products, but their online storage and backup solution is called SpiderOak One. Despite their strange name, the software is extremely feature rich and is… Read More »

How to Secure Cloud Data and Why You Might Need to

services are ubiquitous these days. It seems like every app has in some way migrated to the cloud, and promises continuity and synchronization across all your devices, whether it’s your tablet, computer, or smartphone. But the cloud has one massive disadvantage: it is riddled with security risks. Additionally, consider that a successful hacking attempt causes… Read More »

How to Transfer Files Easily Using WeTransfer

I remember the dinosaur-days of the Internet fondly, but one thing that I’ll never miss is how stinkin’ long it took to transfer files from one computer to another. In the old days, file sharing services and software weren’t nearly as common or sophisticated as they are today, and the most common way to send… Read More »

Amazon Cloud Drive Review – Is it Right for You?

Amazon is the one of the largest mega-corporations in the world, and it’s truly amazing how large the business has grown since its founding in 1994. They’ve grown so large that many people claim Amazon has disrupted national retail distribution, and more and more people are shopping online every day. Amazon sells just about every… Read More »

iDrive vs Carbonite Comparison

iDrive vs Carbonite which service is most popular in the cloud backup industry, but how do you know which one is better? Often times, it’s not which service is better, but rather which service meets your needs the best. Instead of simply saying one service is better than the other, we’re going to dissect these… Read More »