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Bitdefender vs AVG Comparison: Which is Right For You?

Several antivirus software is available right now that can quickly detect malware, viruses, and other threats on your computer. These programs are very efficient in that they can detect new and zero-day vulnerabilities. Two of the top choices in this category are Bitdefender and AVG.

The Main Differences Between Bitdefender and AVG

  • Both Bitdefender and AVG offer high levels of protection against viruses, malware, and other threats, according to third party tests. But Bitdefender is slightly better because it doesn’t slow your system down, whereas AVG is much better at avoiding false positives.
  • Bitdefender and AVG both offer tools to help you be more secure online. But Bitdefender provides parental controls, something that AVG doesn’t.
  • Bitdefender offers some paid features that AVG offers with their free version, including ransomware protection.
  • Bitdefender only limits the protection it offers to three to five devices, whereas A
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Webroot vs Avast: Which is Right for Your Needs?

Unlike Webroot, Avast is one of the antiviruses I ever learned about and used way back in my college days. The free protection from malware was particularly appealing as I didn’t have the money to invest in a premium option. With numerous attacks on our infrastructure, investing in an antivirus like Avast is essential.

The internet is becoming more dangerous with each passing day, browsing without a “big brother” protection can spell doom to your business. You can easily fall prey to ransomware, phishing, identity theft, and all kinds of malware attacks.

Today we’ll be comparing Webroot vs Avast to help us choose a product that gives foolproof protection to our valuables. Ultimately, you want to choose a paid version of antivirus because of the added feature

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