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Ublock Origin vs Adblock: Which is Best?

Ad blockers are a quintessential part of everyone’s online privacy, but sadly enough, some people forgot ad blockers completely. I think that ad blockers are a digital staple, and should always be in conjunction with other primary privacy and anonymity tools. This along with a complete antivirus package and a VPN. But most people don’t… Read More »

A Guide to the Best Ad Blockers – Stop the Ads!

Gee, I love that YouTube channel, but I just wish they played more ads…said no human being – ever! If you’re like most normal human beings, then you hate advertisements as much as the next guy. But they are just an inherent part of our modern society, and many companies (such as Google) see ad… Read More »

Adguard Review – Is Adguard Worth the Money?

If you’re a human being, then chances are you hate advertising. But it’s just such an integral part of our economy, and people have been running ads since the early days when movable type was a novel concept. These days, however, we are inundated with ads more than ever before. Believe it or not, experts… Read More »