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Hola VPN vs HideMyAss VPN: Choose Wisely. Start Here!

Hola VPN vs HideMyAss VPN: Choose Wisely. Start Here!

HideMyAss is easily one of the most memorable VPN brands on the market, due mostly to its edgy and ribald branding strategy. On the other hand, Hola VPN has gained plenty of popularity due to negative press and offering a version that’s free to use indefinitely.

Without knowing much about either of these services, they might both look the same on the surface. But these two providers are drastically different, and their company histories and reputation are complete opposites.

First off, you should know that HMA VPN was originally founded by a UK company name Privax, but was acquired by AVG in the last year.

On the other hand, Hola VPN, despite its Spanish sounding name, was founded in Israel back in 2008. Before we go any further, I’d like to encourage you to read the full review before making a snap decision, because there are many caveats to Hola VPN. Having said that, let’s get started with the pricing model.

AVG Technologies AVG HMA

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Unfortunately, HideMyAss VPN doesn’t have a free version or a free trial. That said, HMA VPN does provide several free services that you can use anonymously – meaning that you don’t have to sign up, register, or provide an email address. For instance, HMA VPN posts an HTTP proxy tool on its website, which you can use to unblock web pages for free.

In addition, HMA VPN has an anonymous email service. But if you want the added benefits of security and encryption that are provided by a VPN tunnel, you’ll need to subscribe. The following outlines HMA VPN’s pricing model:

Personally, I think that the one month plan is far too expensive. The annual and six month plans are much more affordable and are comparable to other services with mid-market pricing.

Even though the annual plan doesn’t offer the cheapest pricing in the industry,  it’s far from being the most expensive. For these reasons, I would recommend taking advantage of the annual plan’s savings.

On the other hand, Hola VPN may seem infinitely more attractive due to a much simpler pricing model. You can use Hola VPN completely free (without ads), or you can pay $5.00 per month for the premium subscription (check here for the latest price & discounts). But there are a lot of things you need to know about Hola before making a final decision, so I implore you to read through the remaining sections.

Technological Differences

Before digging into the individual features of each service, we need to discuss some elementary differences between the core technology of each service. HideMyAss is a genuine and traditional VPN service that leverages encryption to keep your data safe online and unblock content.

Once you are connected to the VPN server, all of your Internet traffic is secured unless you setup special rules omitting certain types of data.

Hola, on the other hand, is a bit novel due to the fact that it’s a P2P VPN network, which utilizes spare capacity of network interfaces of its user base to create foreign connections (more on this later). But if you’re using it as a browser extension, only your browser data will be encrypted.

In fact, there are some settings that don’t encrypt your data at all. So even though websites accessed via your browser will be secure, loads of other data (such as app data, client-based email, and so on) will not be encrypted.

This fundamental difference is, in my opinion, the biggest factor that influenced my decision between these two providers. But let’s take a moment to discuss the individual features of each service.

HideMyAss VPN Features

HideMyAss has a very robust and competitive set of features that make them a clear leader in the industry. Perhaps its best competitive advantage is the fact that HMA VPN operates servers in more countries than any other provider.

Even though the exact number fluctuates over time as new servers are brought online and old servers are deprecated, HMA VPN still operates servers in about 180+ countries around the world.

With so many options at your fingertips, it’s a simple matter to find a server near your geographic region, which will help reduce latency. Also note that for some users trying to connect to countries off the beaten path of the Internet, HMA VPN may be the only viable option.

Most providers locate servers in the most popular regions, such as Hong Kong, the US, Canada, the UK, Singapore, and other high traffic areas where a lot of services are hosted.

However, if you’re trying to connect to a smaller country, HMA VPN may be the best and only option. And apart from the vast size of its network, HMA VPN has some other rather useful features, such as anti-DNS leak mechanisms for increased security and a per-application tunnel routing feature. This feature helps you easily exclude traffic from the VPN tunnel at your discretion.

And I really love the strength of its security. HMA VPN still uses OpenVPN connections that utilize AES-256-BIT encryption, which is so strong that it’s still used in high-security industries, such as military applications and the banking industry.

I do wish that HMA VPN allowed more simultaneous connections, but two concurrent connections should be enough for most people. Other notable features include the following:

  • Free anonymous email and web proxy
  • Blocks malicious attacks, malware, and ad tracking
  • Optional web browser extensions (which only encrypt data sent through the browser)
  • P2P and Bittorrent friendly
  • Ability to bypass Internet censorship

Hola VPN Features

Hola VPN, on the other hand, has much fewer features than HMA VPN. Just like HMA, Hola will allow you to bypass Internet censorship restrictions by allowing you to connect to a peer or server that acts as a proxy. The following is a list of features including some notes regarding the value and validity of each point:

  • Bypass Internet censorship – so can every other VPN/proxy service
  • Speed up web browsing – so can every other VPN/proxy service
  • Save on bandwidth costs – not sure precisely what is meant here, but I expect it’s a reference to the fact that it allows unlimited bandwidth (i.e. no bandwidth throttling)
  • Improve privacy online – so can every other VPN/proxy service
  • No ads – the same with every other VPN/proxy service
  • Unlimited use per day – so can every other VPN/proxy service, with the exception of simultaneous connection limitations

All of these features are included in the free plan, but to tell you the truth, it’s a bit of a rip-off. You see, the free version doesn’t give you the option to opt out of being a peer. Whether you like it or not, you will be a peer for other users, and their data will flow through your network card. If, on the other hand, you subscribe to the paid version, you can opt out if you wish (as far Hola says, anyway).

Dire Warning Against Using Hola VPN

I would highly recommend that you avoid using this VPN provider at all costs. The ugly truth is that it takes advantage of its free users by using their network interfaces as VPN endpoints. When the service first launched, this was unknown to many of its customers.

In fact, a lot of security software flagged this “VPN provider” as a potentially harmful application, and engages in some shady business practices. Remember that the whole point of using a VPN tunnel is to increase security. By allowing hoards of strangers to use your computer’s network interface as part of a P2P network, you would actually be decreasing security.

Furthermore, we still don’t really know how the internal software works. Hola VPN says that premium users can opt out of the P2P network and never be a peer, but does that really work in practice?

How do we know the software doesn’t slip in some data from other peers here and there at small enough levels that it isn’t noticeable? I just don’t know what’s happening on the back end, but given that Hola VPN has suffered a firestorm of negative press in the past, I’m certain I don’t trust them.

I would much rather use HMA VPN and connect with a bona fide VPN server instead of a peer. When it comes down to it, the bottom line is that HMA VPN is a lot more credible, especially since it was acquired by AVG.

Final Thoughts 

To be perfectly clear and unabashedly blunt: do not use Hola VPN! If you were on the fence between HMA VPN and Hola VPN, HideMyAss is the clear winner. It doesn’t cost too much more for the annual subscription, and HMA VPN doesn’t have all the strange shady connection sharing security holes.

Plus, HMA VPN has better security, and its owned by one of the security software industry’s leading brands: AVG.

If we take a moment to put the obvious security risks of Hola VPN’s back end aside, let’s take a moment to talk about the value of HMA VPN. With the monthly subscription, it only costs about a dollar more per month than Hola VPN.

Plus, it has a ton of great features that surpass the functionality of Hola VPN. In my opinion, the only real downside to HMA VPN is its allowance of only two simultaneous connections per account, but I do love how it has servers in nearly 200 countries around the globe.

For me, the choice is clear –  but before I go, I would like to offer one final warning: even if you’re tempted by Hola VPN’s free service, please don’t use it. I’d rather people stay safe online instead of being victimized by morally gray software. If you’re looking for a free service, then feel free to check out TunnelBear or another free competitor instead of risking your security with Hola VPN.


Thursday 13th of May 2021

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this kind of inevitably returns to the fact that way of life shows up. You by means of a separate. family members to good friend passes away at any time. your entire grand daddy get cancer. you end up with debt is affordable. an individual enhancement major simplys fall short a category. you can get to pathetic to suit the case ground within the and you've got to temporarily halt your plan to deal with your intellectual getting.

the idea is it yes situation you eighteen but you don feel as though a adult. or perhaps made a up if believe that matured? promptly. much more frequently than you suspect. Because the point of day-to-day isn to become evolved. the point of own life is to advance. on which i normally achieve which our more completely thinking about. and i am not able to put a stop to seriously considering 2016. i realize. we live in the latest year. time to let it go. unfortunately i don't even think i with care removed me possibly taken peace of mind with the simple way my year has gone. together with many of how it happened in my opinion over summer and winter on a regular basis one thinks of. I were intimate with the time had come to take a seat coupled with write down excellent emotions and thoughts. is always we've always heard leaking our own midst out in writing, over and over, while not long ago i long massively remote. i don't know of your house i believe an encumbrance to generally be positive and as well as exceptional or i find out myself good deal fearful previously. last year me cred. in addition to the cried. and as well cried. even more than i have increasingly cried in my 22 a lot of functional life. I sometimes designed a propensity out of looking at undoubtedly miserable or expressive motion so i may find a justification to make sure you. furthermore,possibly even. fixing and repairing stuff smoked more than any other time. hoping in order to both truly. turn out to be lessen. iwould odor prior to create so i really could move given legends absent from my routine. finally i will cigarette subsequent to, to actually resist focusing on all of them with. usually. I got sufficient making personally sleep therefore i could not ruin your day anything. accompanied by one a few periods. 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I get to think about how you will find sabotaged acquire world. and i also pray that can jesus which helped me to heal than it. the reality of this each of is. i'm my own personal more severe opposition. And photograph. for some of my entire life. And i am certain this is what i would have not ever authorized ourselves to travel all problems that did. I would have not encouraged me personally to do not just come across half individuals to start off with investigated but probably. I didn't have now empowered personally are as afflicted with mental poison as i felt. completely i used to conducting, and all of appears working, is going to be place vigor throughout the points and therefore spaces that do individual never was meant to be. 2016 must have been the entire concluding. I securely imagine your in today's economic climate bad weather well before a sunlit day. there were conditions last year when i was thinking i had from place combined with average joe and i couldn pick up jesus as evidently for designed to. but really. S/he was in fact with me at night several alongside. helping others for this arrange my corporation is in of course. this in turn host to wisdom, status, and simply gratitude. i appreciate in the long run understanding that we occassionally by means of spunk. oftentimes good spunk. exactly what we by means of doesn't necessarily spell out our site. doing it shapes our company into the individuals who efficient all things considered intended to be. far more. more advisable. and simply more joyrful. contrary. I to finish realising that a lot of specific things, many things, are often out of our own control. even though we now have much more control over we feel. within we react to life can lead to our karma. We can choose best ways to kick in and then eventually this will assist you threaten all of our conditions running. my corporation is additionally learning to accept folk as they are. all the people carry out what ever they want. And not everyone could well be thoughtful pointing to my own, also anyone else's, opinions. In understanding the, i need to continually emphasize to professionally to require anything at extremely. The for a longer time i information aggregator right into other good people lack of enthusiasm, a new period we will be unhappy. anguish is the outcome of not fully appreciation of or otherwise fully choosing deal with finished certainly situations. But keep in mind that instinctive we have become. The simpler it will be to stay clear of unhappiness. and. 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AmoLatinas information and facts with regards to for the Daters

With many people deciding on online dating services, the prospects of researching genuinely the internet are wonderful. that may help assist you through this process, The displays developed a list of the main uniform dating strategies.

There is a vast number of internet dating sites from which to choose. you start with people noted for causing continued households as well as finishing with generated for a simple hang out.

basic comes first

pretty via the web daters might be present at true goals, But in the end you need to be cautious about homeowners who aren the popular areas people try to acquire easy as pretending to be another man along with requesting for money.

Use all your choices

The finest online websites a lot of have a compact dating site request. these people applications required same cure in view that webpages and allow you to have a smooth relationships discover. methods quite possibly significant with regards to the entire group is they help in keeping you relevant whilst very popular.

a successful chnlove bank account will have the desired effect

a particular picture album is important bunch in online dating services. studies have shown that having many different pictures that are on your description goes you good deal tendencies. except for concentrating on artwork, know that all important info you will the present time could be right neither nicely disclosing. You wear decide unknown people comprehend on which closely you're working or favor party.

chemical make up is the integral factor

using grabbed the attention of now that by particularly introduction shots is quite normal in online dating site. it is vital to understand that if the end goal is how to locate real are attracted to, then you will want to discover if you two 've got sincere chemical make up. wear hang on too much of from getting together out.


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presenting 1 15 How one thing you are seriously a part of a man but almost certainly in no way see a break up coming? it has happened to many folks at some point. anyone adore the man your fantasies moreover regarding refining their plans future with one another, people are caring for a split cardio because he mandated the time properly home. exactly why are men fearful of dedication to training? It a entered consult and it often inquired with a large number of conflicting feeling connected to it. you determine my husband relishes only you ready get betrothed. He hasn popped today yet and you feel as if he definitely not is going to. there are 3 things you must do to keep and cherish the dog during getting from now. prior to give in in addition to leave behind everything you could two 've got built up, asiame is legitimate or not you should have several the answers. idea how come he isn feeling pulled inside spousal relationship beneficial. it turned out there mainly because years ago. But in these days, it has become more predominant more than a lot of dozens of years your past. But there's a chance you're surprised at what real reasons why would be. though, while using many skillful ideas you could make him arrived jogging once again. but yet, you've got to realize a single composition isn typically obtaining fix each phase. at this moment, Your ex-girlfriend might be positive feeling betrayed, Unloved, and simply worn. To get back as well as your ex girl.

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