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How to Help Your Kid with Writing an Essay So a Teacher Won`t Tell?

You cannot consider yourself to be a good parent if you didn`t try to help your child with homework and as a result, ended up doing it all yourself. It`s not a statement from us, that`s what most parents must think. Parent-child cooperation is useful and meaningful during the elementary school when there are many home tasks which are aimed at cohesion and developing a deep and strong bond within the family. All those art assignments and family trees, even writing songs about your hobbies, all those types of homework were absolutely acceptable back then.

But as it always happens in life, parents will be parents no matter how old their bundles of joy are so naturally, they are trying to participate in their kid`s school life at a grand scale. This kind of behavior can`t be considered intrusive. In fact, school is becoming harder and harder, there is so much more information that modern students have to remember that you get a slight feeling of dizziness just looking at all those assignments. A homework overload may have a negative impact on both physical and mental health of a child whose body and brain functions haven`t fully developed yet.

Besides, kids sometimes ask for help themselves and, of course, many parents are sure that this is their duty to do their best to help a kiddo out. This is the only right approach in this situation. A family is a team after all. Hold on, we know one more approach that will be even more effective. You may not be good at creative writing but as a responsible parent, you`re eager to help your child. Don`t worry, an cheapest essay writing service is exactly what you need. Besides, your order may include any requirements and a teacher won`t be even able to tell your child`s work from a creation of an adult`s mind. Trust me, it`s very noticeable because a style immediately seems too striking. Before we jump straight to the tips part, let me tell you an interesting story that is extremely relatable to the topic and will teach you a lot.

You Know Nothing, …

Those who know what name is supposed to be here, just chill, you`re a fan with an excellent taste in TV-shows, we get it. If you have no idea what`s actually going on, you may also chill and fill in the blank space with your kid`s name. Because it seems like this phrase represents teachers` attitude towards young students who are eager to soak in all the knowledge that this world has to propose. Obviously, they`ll never tell this straight to their cute, little faces, it`s just that teachers want to make kids think in accordance to one pattern and everything that doesn`t correlate with that pattern, certain ideas that go beyond intellectual limits aren`t acceptable.

The funniest (mostly ridiculous though and you`ll find out why later) thing happened in one of the British schools recently. A kid of Ian McEwan who is a famous modern English writer was supposed to write an essay on one of his father`s novels called “Enduring Love”. Honestly, this situation seems already surreal and absolutely awesome. So naturally, a kid asked a father for a few tips because, hello, he wrote that novel after all. They ended up working on an essay together.

And guess how was that essay evaluated. A kid got a “C”. Seriously, a “C”. A teacher didn`t agree with the main idea that was presented there. Ian McEwan just laughed off a situation telling that this story would be much better if his son got a “D” or even an “F”. And this, dear parents, is lesson number one. Teachers aren`t objective and even you may get upset because of a terrible grade that your child got for an essay that you wrote together. Don`t take it personally. This leads us to the next point.

School Does Kill Creativity

This is the main idea of Ken Robinson`s many public speeches and bestselling books. Wait, you don`t know who is Ken Robinson? That`s fine, we`ll tell you. But as a parent, you should really pay a closer attention to his works like “You, Your Child, and School” or “Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That`s Transforming Education”. In case you`re super busy, you may just watch his Ted Talk called “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”. This will give you a better understanding of what is going on in the system of modern education and what approach you should take in order to help your child.

Ken Robinson says: “We`re educating people out of their creative capacities”. So this is a lesson number two which will sound extremely controversial but you`ll have to make this choice. You`re either following a lead of an education system or you let your child embrace their creativity and write with true passion and interest. Grades aren`t the most important thing, that`s for sure.

Help Doesn`t Mean “Let Me Do It Instead”

We`re getting close to more practical tips and while some of you may say “Finally”, I feel the need to point out that possessing a decent level of knowledge on a system of education is a crucial part of the whole preparation process. You should never ever write an essay instead of your child. It diminishes the whole purpose of education. There is a reason why kids go to school, after all. You can`t recreate a style of writing of your child so the best help you can provide is giving some advice about a structure. Write a plan together because any essay that has a well-thought-out structure automatically becomes a teacher`s favorite.

Think about facts and their interpretation that you want to include to every part of an essay. And most importantly, listen carefully to your child, don`t ditch their ideas even if they don`t seem relevant. Find a compromise by proposing an alternative option that you both will agree on.

That`s Not Where You Look for Information

Sources of information may be your next slip that will make a teacher realize that kid got some serious help while writing an essay. Usually, adults treat this part very seriously, especially those who have a higher education. They`re looking for information in reputable newspapers and on scientific websites. Stop it right now! Firstly, you need to ask a little student where he/she would be looking for information because kids won`t look through a “The New York Times” long read, that`s for sure. “Wikipedia” often isn`t considered to be a relevant and trust-worthy source but this will probably the first website that will come to kid`s mind. You may also reference a text-book and it will look very realistic.

Are You a Fan of Posh-Spice?

If not, then why are you throwing all those fancy, smart words in your child`s essay? So you`ve come up with a solid plan together and you help to proofread the whole work. It may seem to you that it sounds too simple but just let it go. Your task here is to make sure a word “consequences” is spelled right, you shouldn`t exchange a word “polite” to “courteous”. Kids are expanding their vocabulary step by step and they don`t operate too complicated phrases in the sixth grade, it will instantly seem suspicious. Besides, teachers know for sure how your kid talks in daily situations so no fancy vocabulary, deal?

One of the crucial things that you need to understand is that there is no need to deceive a school teacher. Your intention here should be having a creative bonding time with your child, show your support and help with struggles that may come along the way of getting an education.