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Good online dating questions to ask a girl

To impress an attractive girl online, you need to be an interesting person to talk to - but how to achieve that? With the help of some good online dating questions to ask a girl, of course!

Questions you should avoid at all costs

Before thinking about good questions to ask a girl when online dating, it’s vital to know what questions you should avoid. It's a good idea to avoid asking certain personal or sensitive questions to make the other person feel comfortable. Making them feel uncomfortable is not a good way of dating girls neither online nor offline. Here are some questions you should avoid:

Financial Questions

Don't ask about their income, job, or how much money they have. It can make them feel uncomfortable.


Avoid asking about their past relationships or why they broke up. This is private and might be too personal for a first date.

Family Issues

Stay away from asking about family problems or conflicts. These topics can be quite sensitive.

Health Problems

Don't ask about their health issues or medical history. It's personal and might be upsetting.

Age is a Taboo

Avoid asking how old they are, especially if you suspect it's a touchy subject.

Controversial Beliefs

Steer clear of topics like politics and religion that can also lead to disagreements or tension.

Marriage and Kids

Questions about their desire for marriage or children can be too serious for a first date.

Personal Secrets

Don't pry into their personal secrets or anything they might not be ready to share.

Remember, the goal of a first date is to get to know each other in a light and comfortable way, so it's best to focus on fun and positive topics.

Question ideas that always work

To be a good speaker, you should be authentic - that’s why we aren’t going to give you specific good questions to ask a woman online dating. Instead, we’ll provide you with some ideas that you might use!

Fictional Character Day

This question allows the other person to reveal their interests and desires by choosing a character they admire. It also prompts them to describe exciting adventures, giving you insights into their imagination and dreams.

Create Your Ice Cream Flavor

It's a fun and creative question that sparks a dialogue about taste preferences and creativity. You can also learn about their favorite flavors and what unique combinations they would enjoy.

Surprising Job

Asking about surprising or unusual jobs opens the door to unique stories and insights into their career aspirations. It can lead to discussions about their passions and what they find intriguing in various professions.

Quirky Superstitions or Habits

By sharing a personal superstition or habit, the other person reveals a unique aspect of themselves. It's a way to connect on a personal level and understand what makes them tick.

Conversation with an Animal

This imaginative question encourages creative thinking and reveals their affinity for nature or certain animals. The chosen question for the animal can lead to discussions about empathy and understanding.

Peculiar Camping Experience

Stories of unusual camping experiences can be both entertaining and revealing. It opens the door to discussions about adventure and the great outdoors.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival

This one can lead to lighthearted conversations about survival strategies and personal preferences. It's a playful way to discuss their problem-solving skills and resourcefulness.

Dance-Inducing Song

It's a fun and light question that allows the other person to share something personal. You can learn about their music preferences and what gets them in a lively, carefree mood.

These questions are great because they go beyond surface-level small talk and encourage the sharing of personal experiences, preferences, and creative thoughts, making the date more engaging and memorable.