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The Best TeamViewer Alternatives You Should Know Of

TeamViewer does an arguably competent job of providing access to a remote computer. If it ain’t broke, why fix it, right? Well, there are some drawbacks to TeamViewer that other remote access solutions lack. For starters, you have to manually install it on a desktop and potentially configure firewall policies to allow the traffic. While… Read More »

The Best VirtualBox Alternatives – Programs Similar to Virtualbox

Virtualization technologies aren’t anything new. In fact, they’ve been around for decades. The first virtualization software I ever used was VMWare over 10 years ago. But today, there are more than a few options to choose from. If you’re interested, check out the history and development of virtualization. Anyway, when virtualization technologies started hitting business… Read More »

Boot Camp vs Parallels Desktop 12: Which is Best for You?

One of the biggest issues Mac users face is finding ways to run applications that were designed for other operating systems. Unfortunately, there are tons of developers and third-party applications that were only designed for Windows. As such, Mac users can’t run them on OSX, which creates a few unattractive solutions. If you have a… Read More »

Bootcamp vs VMWare: Which Should You Use?

At the turn of the century, virtualization technologies were still in their infancy. Once VMWare, as a forerunner in the virtualization space, was introduced to the world, it changed personal, corporate, and data center computers around the world. Multiple operating systems could then be abstracted and run on the same physical hardware – some can… Read More »

The Expert LogMeIn Rescue Review: Will This Work for You?

By now, I’d hazard a guess that remote access technologies aren’t anything new to you. Most people are already familiar with tools like and . But LogMeIn has a whole suite of services that surpass raw remote access. One of their premium tools is LogMeInRescue, which is essentially remote support access. I know what you’re… Read More »

LogMeIn vs Splashtop: Which Remote Access Service is Best?

Remote desktop technologies were a marvel to behold when the first came out. It blew people’s minds that a user could control a computer remotely – even if that computer was in a different geographic region – purely through the Internet. And the remote access technology industry is extremely competitive. I’m sure that many of… Read More »

LogMeIn vs. TeamViewer: Which Works Better?

Remote access technologies can be a godsend, but not all remote access services were created equally. Some are downright awful and don’t work very well. Others may not have the right resolution that you want, and some can even bog down your Internet connection. Whether you’re just trying to troubleshoot a problem with technical support… Read More »

The Best LogMeIn Alternatives to Consider

When the Internet first started becoming available to consumers in the late eighties and early nineties, no one ever thought they’d be able to remotely control servers and computer system. But these days, we enjoy remote access technologies, virtualization, and cloud technologies on a daily basis. The future truly is now. But despite the wealth… Read More »