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The FixMeStick Review: Does it Really Work?

isn’t your average run-of-the-mill antivirus removal tool. It has some amazing features that allow it to remove viruses and malware that some ordinary, albeit useful, antivirus applications cannot. But what are its features? Does it work? And does its efficacy justify its price tag? Today I’m going to pick apart the advantages, features, and pricing… Read More »

LapLink DiskImage Review: Does it Work as Good as it Claims?

LapLink has produced a backup and restore product called that’s capable of creating boot CD’s (and other bootable media) to help you restore your PC…even if the operating system won’t start. But is it as good, better, or worse than other backup and restoration solutions? After all, just about every antivirus provider offers a free… Read More »

Avast Cleanup Review: Does it Really do the Job in 2019?

Avast is a well-known and respected company that is revered for developing high quality security software. Though some of you may be biased in one way or another due to a personal user experience, the fact remains that Avast has tested well in independent lab tests and benchmarks. But their suite of software utilities exceeds… Read More »

Powerbook Medic Review: Is This Service Legit?

Powerbook Medic offers a whole range of options that will help you decide what to do with your old and worn out Apple products. Whether you have a laptop, mobile device, wearable device, iPod or another type of computer, Powerbook Medic can help you personally make repairs, charge a fee to make the repairs for… Read More »