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The Best Skype Alternatives  

is one of the most secure messaging platforms in the world, though it started as a tiny little technological embryo fourteen years ago in 2003. Years later, it was acquired by for $3.1 billion dollars, which is oodles more than a pretty penny. In the recent past, however, Skype was purchased by Microsoft for a… Read More »

The 4 Best Sharedrive Alternatives to Love

In the past, you really had to know your networking protocols and operating system permissions to setup networked drives and file servers. These days, however, it’s a piece of cake. Hard drive manufacturers have intentionally written software to simplify the process of setting up a NAS device, and many of them even come with wireless… Read More »

The Best Alternatives to PCMover That You’ll Love

Anyone who has used Windows even semi-regularly has liked found themselves in a situation where they need to transfer substantial amounts of data from one Windows system to another. If you just need to move a couple files, it’s a simple matter to email them to yourself or use a simple yet effective solution for… Read More »

The Best VPNs for Samsung Galaxy S4 That You’ll Love

The is the new and improved version of the , which is arguably one of the world’s most advanced smartphones in terms of raw hardware and processing power. To put it bluntly, the hardware is absolutely stunning. In addition to a large 1080p Super AMOLED display, it has a 13 megapixel camera and 2GB of… Read More »

The Best Free Encryption Tools in 2017 That You’ll Love

It turns out that what you don’t know can hurt you, especially in the world of cybersecurity. Too many people forgo the most simplistic precautionary measures that could save tons of money, time, and heartache. For instance, a lot of people still fail to take advantage of antivirus security, even though there are tons of… Read More »

The Best Speedify Alternatives You Have to Know About

Speedify promises to “speed up everything you do online,” but let’s take a brief moment to talk about how that works, in case you didn’t already know. If you’re already familiar with how Speedify functions, you can skip down to the best alternatives section. Speedify is, basically, an advanced VPN (Virtual Private Network) service paired… Read More »

The 5 Best Antivirus for iPhones You’ll Want to Use Now

If you thought that iOS and Mac OSX devices didn’t need antivirus software, think again. In decades past, it was a common misnomer that Apple devices were simply higher quality, and thus weren’t susceptible to viruses like Windows devices. But that’s not strictly true.   You see, Windows devices were simply more numerous than iOS devices.… Read More »

The Best Private Browsers You Might Want to Start Using

Web browsers sure have come a long way, and today we have the privilege of being able to select from several competing brands. The more competition there is, the better the quality of the browsers. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was the de facto web browser of choice, mainly… Read More »

The Best Backup Software for Windows Server

has been a popular server solution for decades and is an integral part of modern computing. The only problem? You guessed it…it’s Windows software, which is a problem in and of itself, after all. Windows is widely known for its flaws and bugs, such as the infamously iconic Blue Screen of Death. And even though… Read More »

The Best Antivirus Services for Mobile That Work

If you haven’t downloaded any kind of virus or malware protection app on your smartphone or mobile device, you’re asking for trouble. Viruses that plagued our desktop and laptop computers are extremely damaging and infuriating. However, the damages of an attack are amplified many times over if a malicious program can infect your mobile device.… Read More »