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What is Net Neutrality? – Net Neutrality Explained!

The potential lack of net neutrality in the near future has been rearing its ugly head in Washington and could be a massive game changer that would drastically flip the American Internet infrastructure upside down. But net neutrality isn’t the easiest concept to grasp, especially if you don’t have a functional understanding of Internet technologies.… Read More »

How to Access the Deep Web (And Why You Would Want To)

Some of you may have heard the terms “deep web” or “dark web” already, but still aren’t any wiser about what these terms actually mean. And to be fair, technical terms are often littered with jargon that makes talking with a technical expert feel like talking to someone who speaks a foreign language. And the… Read More »

How to Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground Apps

(CPUs) are a miracle of modern science that allow human beings to offload staggeringly massive calculations onto computer systems. Many techs cast the CPU as the “brain” of the computer system or mobile device. This since the whole system is dependent on the processor. It is truly amazing how far technology has come and how… Read More »

How to Uninstall Windows Defender: Important Tips!

Windows is one of the most iconic operating systems to ever exist and has been implemented and rolled out on more computers than any other desktop operating system. Most of us are overly familiar with its features, manufacturer, and colossal drawbacks like the Blue Screen of Death. Despite the popularity of Windows, it’s certainly not… Read More »

How to Unblock Netflix and Other Geo-Restricted Websites

Few things on the Internet are more irritating than finding out that your Internet connection has been restricted and you don’t have the ability to watch your favorite shows. Cable channels aren’t as popular as they once were due to the rise in streaming video and audio services, either. , , , , , ,… Read More »

How to Encrypt Mobile Devices The Right Way

These days, you simply can’t afford to take personal data security for granted. There are so many traps, gotchas, and viruses that failing to be adequately secured could mean the loss of irreplaceable data – or even identity theft. That’s why I always tell people that they need to be using three main types of… Read More »

How to Encrypt Email The Smart, Safe Way

Even with the invention of social media platforms, instant messaging, and video calling, most of us still depend heavily on emails. It’s such a convenient way to send messages and files to a friend, family member, or colleague. Unfortunately, emails are unbelievably insecure. I’m sure that most Americans have heard about governmental surveillance programs that… Read More »

How to Speed Up Your Wi-Fi — Tips You Can Start Using Today!

Does your local home or office network crawl slower than a turtle? Masses of people suffer from this unfortunate problem, and it can make downloading a simple file a real pain in the…um, neck. But one of the largest problems with slow Wi-Fi networks is first identifying the problem or root cause. It could be… Read More »

How to Delete Cached Search History in Google

Where would we all be without Google? Since the Internet became mainstream and available to the average Joe, web surfers have depended on search engines to help them locate the content they seek. In the Internet’s infancy, Yahoo ruled the kingdom, but, was then overthrown by Google. It’s strange to think that there are entire… Read More »