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How to Watch Roku Outside of the US – What You’ll Need

These days, there’s a ton of fantastic, entertaining content that is produced within the United States. But there’s one big problem. Many other countries, despite being interested in digesting the video content, don’t have access. Several reasons exist that cause an inability to access desired content, but the largest problem is that servers based in… Read More »

How to Watch BBC iPlayer Outside the UK

The BBC iPlayer is loved by millions, but there are some unfortunate restrictions that can be a real pain the rear and prevent you from viewing your favorite content. If you’ve recently tried accessing iPlayer from abroad for the first time, you’ve likely been presented with the irksome warning message that reads, “BBC iPlayer only… Read More »

NHL.TV Blackout Workaround – How to Still Watch Your NFL Team

Sports are incredibly fun and exciting…as long as you can see the game live. That’s one reason why traditional broadcast networks and cable channels have survived in spite of streaming digital video – they reserve the rights to show the game live to prevent people from pulling the content through their web browsers. Conversely, some… Read More »

Kodi Review – What Is Kodi and How Do You Use It?

Kodi had been steadily gaining support and popularity, but many people still don’t know what it is. Perhaps you’ve already heard of it, but aren’t sure exactly what it is, how it works, what its capabilities are, and how to use it. To put it simply, Kodi is an open source application that was designed… Read More »

How to Set up a Comodo VPN Kill Switch

It doesn’t matter which VPN provider you select – one time or another you are going to run into technical difficulties. Though this may sound bleak and pessimistic, the honest truth is that there are a multitude of factors that could cause your VPN tunnel to crash. Perhaps your ISP had a network outage, perhaps… Read More »

MLB.TV Workarounds – How to Gain Access to Restricted Content

There’s nothing more irritating than finding out that access to your favorite streaming content has been blocked. And this isn’t a new concept, either. Tons of streaming content sites like Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, Hulu, and others have restricted their content based on geographic regions. But sports fans feel the pain of being blocked stronger than… Read More »